Snyder Park
As you enter keep to the right and wind around the shore of the large lake in the center of the park. If you want, wear earplugs to protect yourself from the roar of jets taking off and landing at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, which is barely a half-mile south. The noise doesn't appear to have scared off much of the animal population, which you'll notice as soon as you depart the pavement and head off into the thicket on the well-marked series of nature trails. You'll see raccoons of all sizes scampering about unconcerned -- probably because so many stupid visitors ignore signs warning against feeding the wildlife. On the lake's north shore, just before the road dead-ends, you'll see a wooden shelter and a sandy volleyball pit. On sunny days this sandy area is home to a butt-load of lumbering iguanas, some small, slender, and bright green and some upward of two feet in length. Depending on their temperament, they'll hang out and eyeball humans suspiciously or they'll noisily turn tail and scamper up the nearest tree. Bring insect repellent, as even the big lizards can't eat all the flying bugs near the lake.

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