"Family-owned business" doesn't come to mind when pulling up to a garden center at a corporate retailer like Sears. But Wonder Gardens is just that. Owner Roxie Pelliccia has grown her business for more than 25 years in a nook at the Westfield Mall, along with help from son Lenny. They're happy to guide you to what grows best in Florida's summer sun, and you'll find them propagating new seedlings to sell during a weekday afternoon lull. Wonder Gardens carries a variety of ornamentals and edibles — from bleeding hearts and bougainvilleas to mangoes, figs, and eggplants — that look way more vibrant than the crop for sale at any other big-box store (and are cheaper too). Plus, i sttocks the soil, pots, fertilizers, and décor that will help you transform your garden from plant cemetery to sanctuary. If you've ever dreamed of actually going 'round the mulberry bush in your own backyard, here's where to start.

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