Harbor Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

Live around here long enough and you'll hear all the urban legends: That Al Capone kidnapped an Italian opera star and kept her hostage in Deerfield. (Supposedly true.) That Al Pacino used to hang out at the Yankee Clipper (Definitely true: See Analyze This.) That during a full moon, the ghost of Farrah Fawcett, in her famous red swimsuit, hovers over the Fort Lauderdale house she once shared with Lee Majors. (Just saying, look up on a clear night!) Another amazing fact that is passed around in whispers is that, of the more than 3,700 Marriott hotels in 74 countries worldwide, the unpretentious, family-friendly Marriott Harbor Beach is the one that "Mr. Marriott" prefers. That's largely because of the centerpiece pool — surrounded by fake rocks and waterfalls and big enough to accommodate guests from all of the hotel's 618 rooms. (Bless that towel staff.) It's open only to registered users of the hotel, but hey — this place just screams "staycation." Little ones can be dispatched to the kids' club or watersports so you can get crackin' on sampling drinks with seamless service from the tiki bar (or free cookies and lemonade). If you wake up early on a lucky summer day, you might find sea turtles hatching on the edge of the property. Until then... Can-non — baaaaaaaaaaallll!!

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