Whether it's a snowbird paying you back for lodging or the boss treating you on the company's plastic, it's always a delight to be taken to dinner. When this rare occurrence materializes, you want elegance and a worthy wine list. At the Grill Room, you also get quality cocktails, multiple servers, and an appropriately pricey menu, all accompanied by live piano music. And the Grill Room has the feel of a club, not some trendy eatery with a noisy, bustling atmosphere. Indeed, its stated intention is to "transport you to a gentler time when British officers enjoyed all the splendors of exotic locations under Colonial rule." Well, we don't know if it's all that, but it's close. Disregard the prices and start with a dram of smoky, single-malt Scotch, then move on to a robust cabernet. Once you're past the appetizer, try the rack of lamb, and polish things off with an adequately aged brandy. And then, when the bill arrives, it's tallyho, old chum!

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