The Little Chalet
Courtesy of the Little Chalet

If you've ever driven down the rapidly developing stretch of Federal Highway that wends its way through downtown Boca Raton, the Little Chalet has surely caught your eye. It glows softly like, well, a little chalet that has been plucked off a Swiss mountaintop and plopped onto the corner of SE Fifth Street. This is no cheap date spot, but if you're looking to wine and dine your lover, this is the place to do it. Start your meal with the raclette, a traditional Swiss dish made by melting the side of a hard wheel of cheese and then scraping it off onto a plate of pickles, onions, and potatoes. Make sure you share it, though, because it's going to be a dairy-heavy evening. The Little Chalet's specialty is fondue. The fondue dishes run the gamut from appetizer shareables to entrees complete with filet mignon. There's even a prix fixe choice called the Fondue Experience that includes three courses—appetizer, entree, and dessert—for either two or four people. If that sounds like way too much cheese for you, no worries—non-fondue entrees are also available, including almond-crusted sea bass and slow braised short ribs. Consider going back to the fondue for dessert, though. Few things are more romantic than dipping various sweets into melted chocolate; that's Rom-Com 101.

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