Click your heels together three times and say, "I want to go to the $9.99 Shoe Warehouse." Once you've made it to this bonanza of delight for the feet, you'll find ruby red slippers and more. Got a hard-to-match outfit of orange, lime green, purple, or electric blue? No worries — there's a strappy sandal, mule, or pump here for every color in the crayon box. And at this Oakland Park treasure-trove, if you can't find just the right shade of magenta, there are plenty of clear Lucite kicks that go with everything. There's a pair of three-inch-heeled slides, six-inch stilettos, four-inch wedges, and even a more modest two-inch pump. Most of the insoles are silver or gold. Not all are $9.99 as the bright red sign out front suggests. In smaller print is this notation: "And up." But the highest-priced sticker seen on a recent trip was $19.99. The shop's array of fuck-me shoes are for women and, apparently, men who want to be women — sizes run up to 12 or 13 in most cases.

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