Iron Forge Press

South Florida's underground music scene is constantly going through reinvention. Bands form, flourish, and extend their tentacles beyond the peninsula's watery tips, then vanish. It's evolution with a backbeat, and nobody documents the phenomenon with more aesthetic prowess than local silk screeners Iron Forge Press. The Forge is owned and operated by dudes with esteemed local musical lineages and dozens of years of combined design skills. Before they expanded to silk screen, our region had little to brag about in counterculture visual arts, a cornerstone of any city worth its musical spit. Now these designs have expanded to include a boutique fashion collection of archival rock photography, private clothing lines for professional athletes, and hoard-worthy poster art for touring rock acts like Kanye West, Captured! By Robots, and High on Fire. But even with such growth, Iron Forge puts locals first, letting its artistic thumbprint increase our region's rock 'n' roll street cred. As true designers' designers, these typography dorks get wild-eyed when discussing their mountains of available fonts. Their excitement only increases when topics switch to paper grades, textiles, and ink types. Bring up phosphorescence and they squirm with glee. And really, that's what their success comes down to: They aren't simply accomplished artists. They are driven by a passion to express music and art's interconnections. A force so strong that they are constantly creating, fine-tuning, and toiling as their eyelids grow heavy and their fingers collect sedimentary layers of ink. Iron Forge Press, we salute you.

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