When it comes to acquiring furniture second hand, you have only so many options. You can either scan Craigslist (judging a couch based on a thumbnail picture) or you can find a store that specializes in displaying gently used furniture that doesn't look like it was just plucked out of the nearest dumpster. American Thrift is the place that provides customers with the latter, more appealing of these options. The store has a vast selection of used furniture displayed in such a way that you imagine it in your home, not on the curb after someone moved last week. It's reminiscent of a reputable car dealership that has a huge stock of clean, inspected, approved-for-sale used cars — at a cost that will make you well aware as to why you decided not to buy new. At the Lauderhill location, expect to find friendly employees, like store manager Beatriz Bosio, who will happily help you select the piece that best fits your home, then help you get it there.

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