The excitement of watching a live band tear it up in someone's cozy living room is usually isolated to hazy, half-remembered high-school nostalgia. But the owners of Dada, a renovated quasi-Victorian home that serves as a restaurant/bar/performance space, have been taking their ginkgo biloba and remember that intimacy with perfect clarity. It's not a bad place for a preshow nosh session, either: the baked brie is more addictive than crack. This well-appointed portal to bohemia in downtown Delray Beach is a much-needed retreat from the stifling homogeneity of strip-mall concert halls that South Floridians have come to expect. If you're looking for small, low-key shows that keep it among friends but still pack the room, it can't be bettered. Dada's comfy confines have provided an unassuming, down-home setting for indigenous favorites like A Kite Is a Victim, Remember the Ocean, and Pank Shovel.

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