It's not his 21-year résumé as a TV meteorologist, his two Emmys, or even his batting average in predicting hail versus heat that singles out Kamal. It's his style. His hair's always plentifully gelled, his tightly tailored suits gleam with a pseudo-sharkskin veneer, and his tie is exquisitely knotted in just the right spot. All of that gives Kamal the presence of a Vegas high roller, a well-heeled stockbroker, or an up-and-coming New York don. He also had that little run-in with the cops over a D.U.I. rap. Let's face it, the weather broadcast runs pretty much the same from one channel to the next, but Kamal's snappy showmanship stands out in a sea of blue-and-khaki blandness. We're grateful for the shifty zip he brings to local broadcasts.

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