Buzzed in Paradise: Pirate Republic Seafood Bar and Grill

I've been at Pirate Republic Seafood Bar and Grill for a few hours now. Since it's late on a weeknight, there aren't many people sitting around me. I shut my eyes for a moment and I'm transported to a different world. Thanks to the bevy of strong rum drinks weaving their way through my bloodstream, the thick scent of seawater in the air, and the 30 or so pirate flags hanging from the ceiling, it's hard to remember I'm in downtown Fort Lauderdale. I'm getting an almost uncontrollable urge to snap on an eye patch, grab the nearest stuffed parrot, and try to commandeer the water taxi docked just a few feet away. Before I'm able to spring my plan into action, the bartender slides another drink my way. As I take in the various pirate paraphernalia hanging from the walls, I can't help but wonder how pirates got anything done with so much rum around. n

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