Stoked on Salt (SOS) Ocean Clean-Up and Divers Cove


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Dania Beach Pier Area
Dania Beach Pier
Dania Beach, FL  33004
The ocean is the world's biggest trash dump. This becomes evident when considering the sheer amount of space water takes up on Earth and how much shipping traffic occurs on a daily basis. A lot of it sinks to the bottom of the sea (which is no consolation), but some of it originates right along the shore following a weekend holiday on the beach. If reading this burns you up and you want to make a difference, the Stoked on Salt (SOS) Ocean Clean-Up and Divers Cove invites you to volunteer a little of your time to make the shoreline a more pleasant place to be. Help is needed above and below, including from people with diving experience. Roughly three hours of your time is needed. Just imagine how much gets done when many participate. After the cleanup, SOS is throwing its second-annual Volunteer Awards Gathering and Vone Research Fundraiser at the Dania Beach Bar and Grill (65 N. Beach Road, Dania Beach). Vone Research is a nonprofit staffed completely by volunteers dedicated to marine preservation, conservation, and education. To learn more about its work, visit The cleanup runs from 8:45 a.m. to noon on Sunday, starting at the Dania Beach Pier located at 66 N. Beach Road. Bring a filled-out copy of the registration form and get a free parking pass, a volunteer T-shirt, and Reef Safe sunblock. The event itself is free, but a ticket to the post-cleanup barbecue can be acquired for a small fee. Call SOS at 754-246-4848, or visit

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