2 Chef's Souparee

6338 Lantana Rd. #60
Lake Worth, FL
We know, we know: The temperatures are often over 90 degrees here in South Florida, but that's no excuse to not head over to 2 Chef’s Souparee in Lake Worth. The family-owned and family-operated eatery serves up a number of homemade sandwiches and salads, lunch and dinner entrees, and desserts. As the name suggests, the real speciality is chef-owner Tom Mazzocchi's soup — over 15 different types made fresh and served daily. Although the place is mainly takeout, the restaurant offers casual indoor seated service. Bakery-fresh bread — from ciabatta to olive herb — is sliced fresh and accompanies any meal for to-go and eat-in orders. Try the signature soups: roasted chicken, sherry mushroom, vegan veggie, tomato basil, French onion, and split pea. More inspired specials rotate weekly, with options like she crab, conch chowder, turkey chili, Greek lemon chicken, and chicken pot pie. When it comes to dessert, nothing beats the peanut-butter chocolate cake or orange mandarin cake (when they haven't sold out, that is).

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