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8 Oz. Burger Bar

The specialty of Alton Road's 8 oz. Burger Bar is... D'oh! Well, yes, the big deal at Govind Armstrong's (think Table 8 on Ocean Drive) SoBe burger emporium is a half-pound slab of ground sirloin, tri-tip, short rib, and chuck, aged in "our Himalayan salt-tiled locker" and then cooked over live oak to "medium-rare to medium" (well-done being an insult to haute beef and probably the chef as well). It comes with iceberg lettuce, pickle, tomato, onion, and "special sauce," which you can bet your buns is nothing Ronald McDonald might slop onto his desiccated patties. There are also turkey and veggie burgers, and a fish fillet too, plus snacks and salads and a selection of designer beers. "Mmm, beer."