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Deep Down South Barbecue

Operating from a brick-red trailer parked in the Exxon parking lot on 31st Avenue and Sunrise Boulevard is Deep Down South Barbecue - the honest-to-goodness real deal when it comes to Florida 'cue. Owner Albert Houston, a former Marine cook and restaurant developer for Marriott Hotels, focuses on creating consistent, competition-style barbecue - meaning he takes no shortcuts with his ribs, pulled pork, or chicken. Each is dusted in his signature spice rub and smoked slow and low over hickory and apple wood for hours on end until a vibrant, rose smoke ring forms beneath their crispy crusts. The pulled pork is dynamite, served in a huge, juicy mound along with two sections of garlicky Texas toast, and the sides - like daily-made mac 'n' cheese, mayonaisse-ey cole slaw, and bacon-flecked baked beans - are destination-worthy. Even hardcore BBQ fans who prefer their meat without sauce will enjoy the smoky, honey-and-tomato-laced mixture that Houston serves with his platters. And those who want something else on the sugary side should check out the sweet potato pie, a creamy slice of heaven that makes a perfect cap to any BBQ feast.