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International House of Schnitzel

It's safe to say the thin, breaded meat cutlet known as schnitzel is not quite as buzzworthy as pancakes, the specialty of another, well-known international house. But even if it doesn't always get the respect it deserves, schnitzel is undoubtedly more popular worldwide, whether it goes by the name "milanesa" in Italy and Latin America or simply "chicken cutlet" here at home. The International House of Schnitzel - a quirky restaurant next door to the Fox and Hound Pub - specializes in the chicken version of the dish (not pork or more expensive veal). The tiny lunch spot pounds its schnitzel to a perfect quarter-inch thickness, coats it in breadcrumbs, and bakes it until a luscious, crisp coating forms on the surface. IHOS completes the working-class dish with amazing, German-style red cabbage and a side of mashed potatoes for just $5.95. The same thing stuffed on a Kaiser roll and served with lettuce, tomato, and homemade garlic mayonnaise costs less than $5. The entire menu is made from scratch daily by owners Rudi Pollak and Eli Herschkovich, two 30-year industry vets who have an undying love for the feel-good dish. IHOS serves breakfast all day, as well as subs, soups, burgers, salads, knishes, and some of the flakiest, freshest homemade apple strudel you'll find.