La Lupa Di Roma | South Beach | Italian | Restaurant

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La Lupa Di Roma

This family-owned and -operated Roman eatery boasts one of the most expansive Italian wine lists on the Beach, many available by the glass. Chef Girgio Nisti orchestrated the menu with a score of hearty regional favorites that will have pastaphiles swooning with joy, not to mention more than a dozen antipasti including a tomato salad made with mozzarella di bufala and Parma's finest prosciutto. A handful of chicken, duck, seafood, lamb, and traditional veal entrées round out the fare. Cheese ravioli with asparagus and bresaola in a light cream sauce, a mushroom vegetable lasagna, and bucatini with pancetta in tomato sauce are some of Chef Nisti's signature dishes. Desserts are housemade, with tiramisu and panna cotta among favorites.