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Rocksteady Jamaican Bistro

2399 N. Federal Highway
Boca Raton, FL 33431
It seems fitting that Jamaica's official motto, "Out of many, one people," serves equally well to describe the nation's melting-pot cuisine. This is one culture where you can truly taste the country's history in its food, from jerk chicken and curry goat to stew peas and rum cake. Today, the island nation's population has been distilled into a single cuisine flavored with plenty of indigenous culture. You'll find it all at Rocksteady Jamaican Bistro and Rocksteady Jamaican Cafe in Boca Raton, two sister establishments that offer Jamaican ex-pats a taste of home for both lunch and dinner. There's a Latin flare in the escovitch, a dish of poached or fried fish in a citrus marinade reminiscent of the Spanish colonizers' escabeche. The beef patties make an easy lunch, an island-style empanada if you will. And the Jamaican curries feature Indian spices often here served with boiled dumplings or fried yucca. The best dish here is also the country's national one: ackee and salt fish, a recipe that blends creamy yellow-fleshed ackee fruit into a hearty sauté with salt cod, resulting in a delicate, buttery flavor and a soft, fluffy texture. Can't decide? Order the Taste of Jamaica, an appetizer-sized sampler platter of the restaurant's most traditional Jamaican dishes.
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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.