Sleepless (R)

Action/Adventure 95 min. January 13, 2017
By Michael Nordine
Say this for Sleepless: It gives Michelle Monaghan more to do than anything else you've seen her in lately and confirms once again that she should be in the lead far more often than Hollywood would have us believe. The positives don't extend much further for Baran bo Odar's remake of the 2011 French thriller Sleepless Night, which shifts the action to Las Vegas and places Monaghan opposite Jamie Foxx's corrupt -- or, if you believe his side of the story, undercover -- cop.

Her Internal Affairs agent is onto him from the start of the case, which involves a drug deal gone wrong and police-issued bullets recovered at the scene. He's confidently blasé about being under suspicion, at least until his semi-estranged son is kidnapped by the high-level casino owner he unwittingly ripped off. The lion's share of what follows takes place during one long night in the fictional Luxus casino, with Foxx slowly bleeding out from a stab wound sustained while his kid was violently removed from his custody. (One unfortunate side effect of the actor's presence and the film's nocturnal timeline: reminding us that Collateral exists and our time would be better spent re-watching that instead.)

Like a lot of January releases, Sleepless is at least somewhat refreshing for being neither a $100 million superhero movie nor a late-breaking prestige picture, but it'd be a lie to say you're likely to remember this one come April.
Baran Bo Odar Jamie Foxx, Michelle Monaghan, Dermot Mulroney, Gabrielle Union, David Harbour, Tip Harris, Scoot McNairy, Octavius J. Johnson Andrea Berloff Roy Lee, Adam Stone Open Road Films

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