10 Best YouTube Videos About Jesus or Other Messianic Figures

Let's be honest, why would anyone ever watch anything other than YouTube? It's like a wealth of brilliant user-uploaded knowledge and information. So what if it's getting monetized and taken over by Google? We live in America, baby! We'd be disappointed if this wasn't the case.

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To start the holiday season right, here is a top ten list of funny Jesus-y videos. Learn some dance moves, pick up some workout tips, and even find out a thing or two about the Church of Latter Day Saints! Every retail store skips Thanksgiving, so why shouldn't we?

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10. David's Got Soul
We're going to kick things off with a sling, bang, and boom. Who knows who wrote this little ditty, but kudos to everyone involved. The production value is phenomenal. But why is that guy in the crowd wearing a Yankee's cap?

9. Spirit-ed One Workout
Walk the walk, and talk the talk. FIRM believers refer to a higher authority when they work those gluteus.

8. Complex Narrative
GML shows us that tonality is not a factor when it comes to praise and worship. Just pick a starting pitch and pray. Pray like you have never prayed before.

7. Father America
George Washington is practically Jesus. He is America's messiah, and he is totally badass.

6. Kung-fu Christ
This video involves an Asian Jesus doing kung-fu. His signature move is the Jesus punch, which causes random explosions in the background. We're pretty sure that they used the theme to Jesus Christ Superstar, just in case you weren't sure if the bearded guy on a cross was Jesus or not.

5. Ummm...
This animation was made, and by whom is anyone's guess. Try not to judge, and certainly don't try to learn anything. Just treat it like a really bizarre, offensive episode of The Jetsons.

4. Alien Lord
This next clip is from the 1988 film Mac and Me. It's the famous random 5-minute-long dance scene inside of a McDonald's. Decide for yourself if the messianic figure in the scene is Mac or Ronald McDonald. It doesn't matter, we were finna use this clip anyways.

3. Dub Devine
Cecil B. DeMille would be rolling in his grave if he knew what YouTubers were doing with his films. M'eh.

2. Uh, oh.
Gloria Gaynor + Christ = LOLZ

1. Sacred Ska
In conclusion, Jesus is a friend of ours, and we have a friend in Jesus. Christian ska band, Sonseed, shows us how to praise their God and still play rock n' roll. 

Bonus Jesus-y song: "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life Life of Brian

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