10 Greatest Moments in White Rap History

Since it's a very chill Thursday morning and we could all use a few laughs, CrossFade is glad to present 10 of the dorkiest and funniest moments in the history of melanin-challenged rap:

1. Here's a dorky guy who can impersonate LL Cool J, Mystikal and Digital Underground:

2. Coming straight out of Houston, the Iced Out Eskimoz offer their tribute in rhyme to Whataburger:

3. This kids will beg to have this tape destroyed in less than one year:

4. For a while in the '80s, the airwaves were plagued with terrible rap commercials. Here's a quintessential one from about 1989, with a couple of nerds going all Fat Boys over The Legend of Zelda.

5. A plump, pissed-off German kid. If Andy Milonakis was from Frankfurt, he'd be this dude:

6. Ever seen an Australian octogenarian bust a rhyme? No? You must harness the power of Skittles:

7. Rappin' Rove

8. Funky-fresh B-Boys gettin' jiggy

9. Okay, as a white person, at this point all I can say is "Please kill me, now..."

10. No, really, kill me...

--John Nova Lomax

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Jonathan Cunningham