10 Most Viewed Posts on County Grind in 2014

Every single day, we here at County Grind work really hard to compose articles that we think you'd like to read. And each year, what you want to click on is different. The posts you viewed most frequently in 2013 were definitely different that what you wanted to peruse in 2014. Tastes change, and we like to think of ourselves as hip to the times (so hip!).

Anyway, on this Christmas Day, we'd like to take a glimpse back at the posts you all, dear readers, viewed the most on County Grind, our music blog, splashed with a bit of culture, focused on Broward and Palm Beach county scenes.

1. Top Ten Porn Stars to Watch Out for at EXXXotica 2014

It's pretty clear by this number one post of 2014, that you are a horny bunch of readers. Of course this list wasn't just clicked on just by local porn aficionados. Nope, furious masturbaters around the globe ogled this sexy blog. And for that we'd like to say, "You're welcome!" but like in about 6,000 languages.

2. Top 20 Sexiest R&B Songs from the '90s to Today

Go Google "sexy R&B songs" and see what comes up. Yup, it's this bad boy right here! And though we wish we'd included a Prince song or two, we're pretty happy with the results of this big, hot hitter.

Now that D'Angelo released Black Messiah, people'll probably start just playing that when they get down and dirty instead of this well-curated list of sensual songs, but it's always here if you feel like reminding yourself of the first time.

3. Dita Von Teese: "In My Sexual Fantasies, Things Are Not Politically Correct"

We want to personally thank the lovely Dita Von Teese for spreading this interesting and inspiring interview we did with the dazzling burlesque icon all over the interwebs.

Now, that's three sexy posts in a row, readers. Not sure if you noticed, but we did; you like sexy.

4. Stitches Offers Coke to Audience, Abruptly Ends Show in Lake Worth

Stitches was the biggest phenomenon in Miami music this year. The "Brick in Yo Face" video was an amateur masterpiece, and we were obsessed.

Most of you guys read our feature exploring the man behind the frightening facial tattoos, but more of you were clicking on this post that ran down the time Stitches gave cocaine to the audience at a Propaganda show. Click again for some good old fashioned Florida memories.

5. Ten Ways You Know You're Too Old for This Club

If you're young, keep scrolling down. If you're like almost thirty-five, maybe you should revisit this important manual.

Now, we're not saying not to feel comfortable taking advantage of our notable nightlife scene at any age. Not at all. We'll always smile and jam out with that ancient fellow at the bar who can't stop his dancing feet from moving to those jazzy, new tunes. We're just saying, it's OK to want different things after a certain age. Go for a few drinks, but there's no shame in leaving a little early to catch up on Homeland.

6. Five Reasons Phish Should Spend New Year's Eve 2014 in Miami

We wrote, and Phish listened!

That's right. Not too many months after we posted this plea for the most popular jam band since the Grateful Dead to ring in the New Year in South Florida, Phish announced a four-day New Year's Eve run at the American Airlines Arena. Make sure to take advantage of this rare opportunity to comfortably smell like patchouli and wear the ugliest '90s gear in your closet all while twirling to the sounds of these brilliant instrumentalists.

See also: Ten Best New Year's Eve 2015 Parties in Broward and Palm Beach Counties

7. Churchill's Pub Owner Dave Daniels Accepts Offer to Sell

The sale of Churchill's Pub by founder Dave Daniels to a group of investors was huge news in our local scene. We were touched so many people cared about changes taking place at this gross but special Little Haiti venue -- likely the first place you local music lovers ever saw cool bands play live. Lucky for us all, the sale didn't change Churchill's that much. The bathrooms are cleaner, that's about it.

The sudden closing of the Talent Farm was also huge news this year. And though owner Kevin Burns will continue it in some form or another, we were very sad to say goodbye to another anchor venue in our 'hood.

8. Top Ten Pickup Spots in Palm Beach County

Lots of people go on vacation to visit their bubbies in West Palm and end up bored and horny as hell. Those are the folks who clicked on this list. And we just hope that, thanks to it, they scored.

9. Five 2014 Florida Festivals Worth a Road Trip

Florida is a big freaking place with a lot going on musically. Though it seems like a huge effort to leave your respective counties for a weekend of enchanting live acts elsewhere in the state, the fact that you clicked on this list proves you're into it. You love music so much that you'd drive across this very long, not-too-exciting-visually state to hear it in person!

We're impressed, Florida, very impressed.

10. Pawn Shop Lounge Opens Tonight; We Scored Preview Photos!

Though our list of the coolest new bars and clubs that opened in our area in 2014 did very well, the venue you were most excited to preview was Pawn Shop Lounge on Clematis in West Palm Beach. And our photos -- shot before the doors ever opened -- promised a very interactive and visually stimulating experience.

We just hope you're still hitting it up and keeping all the dance floors around town warm so we've got a ton more to report on in 2015.

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