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10x10 Exhibit: Installations Fill Up Storage Units; One Contains Shark Man

New Times Broward-Palm Beach Calendar Editor Mickie Centrone attends and details some of the finest -- and occasionally subpar -- events from a given week. On Saturday, she wandered Lake Worth Storage to see the 10X10 exhibit. 

Damn, a storage facility is an unlikely place to find an art show -- because it's cold (this is not temperature related), eerily quiet, and its insides are boring as all hell to look at. And, yes, this can be felt upon entering Lake Worth Storage, even while this place is hosting the annual 10x10 exhibit, a Kara Walker-Tome-curated art show where more than 15 storage units are transformed into installations for only one night. But then you find an installation and the amazement takes you by giddy surprise: You're staring at a Shark Man. He wears a silver suit, a fin, a hammerhead hat, and goggles. He's swimming through the air attached to a board in what used to be just a crappy storage area (video below).
This, of course, means you can call people installations -- which I guess you can because anything is possible in the art world. In another storage unit, the only added amenity inside the 10X10 space was a man in headphones dancing, with another set of headphones clipped to the side of the wall. He's currently dancing by himself, awaiting a stranger (anyone who's at this event) to dance with him. Hopefully, they can connect through movement alone. Because that's the goal. No talking.


Watch Shark Man move.

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Mickie Centrone

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