11 Drummers We Would Rather See Play with Black Sabbath Than Brad Wilk

You know, everyone seems way too complacent about this Black Sabbath "reunion" not including Bill Ward. If you ask us, the absence of Ward cracking away behind a battery of loosely tuned cannons is a travesty of nearly unforgivable proportions -- particularly in this situation, where blame rests firmly on the shoulders of a petty contractual disagreement.

Ward changed the way people approached drumming by carving a sound that is as unmistakable his as it is earth-shaking, and his contributions to the rock music canon are difficult to overstate.

With the first string of reunion tour dates swiftly approaching, we have pretty much given up hope that we'll see a surprise resolution between Ward and the rest of the original Sabbath lineup. We've even, begrudgingly, started to warm up to the teaser tracks we've heard from the new record, 13, which feature former Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave drummer, Brad Wilk, in place of Ward. However, there is simply only so much grease a Rick Rubin production can return to a Sabbath lacking Ward.

We are definitely not alone in thinking that Brad Wilk is not the right man for the job. Is Wilk a competent drummer? No doubt. But, is Wilk the right drummer for Sabbath? Hell no.

Who is? Here are 11 people we'd prefer to see smacking the skins for Sabbath this summer.

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David Von Bader