11 Drummers We Would Rather See Play with Black Sabbath Than Brad Wilk

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11. Dale Crover

Crover is best known for his work as a pillar of the Melvins, which is resume enough for this list. However, Crover is also a member of the stoner supergroup, Shrinebuilder, a band that displays his pseudo-Wardisms in a more straight forward doom-metal context. Crover's disjointed snare hits are as recognizable as Ozzy's drawling howls.

10. Ben Koller

As a member of Boston-based metallic-hardcore band Converge, Koller's breakneck playing takes a vintage flavored approach to metal athleticism. While Koller's style might not immediately hit the Sabbath receptors in your brain, the drummer does check Ward as a major influence, and if you were to slow down some of Koller's nastier triplet fills and aggressive snare work, you'd be left with something not dissimilar from Ward's own playing.

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David Von Bader