11 Drummers We Would Rather See Play with Black Sabbath Than Brad Wilk

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4. Jason Roeder

It's a widely accepted opinion that Sleep is the quintessential stoner-rock band, and we can't think of many people better suited to resting on the mighty Sabbath drum-throne than the drummer of the band that helped to reintroduce Sabbath's music to a generation.

3. Matt Cameron

Matt Cameron is currently the drummer of both Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, which means not only is he owed royalties by several purveyors of of flannel shirting, his drumming is an indelible part of grunge sound.

Cameron joined Pearl Jam in the late '90s, well after the group's initial relevance had waned a bit, but his playing on Soundgarden's recorded output was (and is) otherworldly and highly influential.

Soundgarden has been known to pull out the occasional Black Sabbath cover, even releasing a slightly reworked version of "Into the Void" as a B-side to the "Jesus Christ Pose" single. Though Cameron's performances of isn't a completely faithful reading, his unique take on the style begs the question: "what if?"

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