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13 Acts That Rocked the Sail Across the Sun Music Cruise

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8. Simplified

We'd never heard of this band before, but even a quick encounter in the ship's atrium confirmed the fact that it puts on a rocking good show. A combination jam band, party band, ska band, and, of course, a rock 'n' roll band, it was, above all, the buzz band everyone was talking about. Think Red Hot Chili Peppers with a dash of horns, complete with a bass player who knows how to totally tear it up.

9. Lone Bellow

It's little wonder that this band took the Americana community by storm when its debut album was released a couple of years ago. All the more reason why its next effort, due sometime this year, is going to be one of the most widely anticipated albums of the year. It's the harmonies that make the most immediate impression, a vocal lock so clinched that it's a wonder they're not siblings. At first, the melodies seem a bit weary, but as the set expanded, the Lone Bellow actually roared. "Green Eyes and a Heart of Gold," "You Don't Love Me Like You Used To," and "Driving Wheel" already sound like country standards.

10. Jim Breuer

Some may remember Breuer as Goat Boy on Saturday Night Live, but the simple fact is, he doesn't need to fall back on that one impression to get an audience heaving with laughter. His was the only performance that fully packed the Pearl's Stardust Theater to standing-room-only status (although Franti came close) and for good reason: The guy is hilarious. His rumination on shipboard buffets, family dysfunction, dealing with parents in need of diapers, and a summit meeting between various alcoholic additives in your stomach during a night of inebriation was memorable. The rubber-faced Breuer is also a master of body language, and when he swears "I'm not high," one's hard-pressed to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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