2 Chainz Arrested for Weed and Forced to Pose with Cops: Hilarious, Police Brutality, or Both?

As reported by our sister blog, Crossfade, rapper 2 Chainz was arrested last night at "a routine traffic stop" for possession of marijuana.

This should surprise no one.

What's actually notable about this still-developing story, Chainz was forced to pose for a fan photograph with the officers that locked him up.

2 Chainz probably didn't care for cops very much before being arrested. And, uh, following his photoshoot with the boys in blue that put him behind bars, and subsequent release from jail, we can't imagine his opinion grew any fonder. The point being, having to pose with cops when you're a post-Waka shout-core trap-rapper is brutal. It's like how Ice T was in that band Body Count that had that song "Cop Killer" and then went on to play an officer of the law on Law and Order. But the only person anyone can blame for all that BS is T himself.

The police, however, should have exercised a little discretion. The whole world is watching, of course. If you ask us, forcing Chainz to take that picture was nothing short of psychological police brutality (in addition to fucking hilarious).

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