2 U From Teddy

Acclaimed singer/songwriter and budding film star Teddy Geiger seems to have stumbled upon a special formula for success in the entertainment industry. For the 19-year-old, music may have been his first passion, but it was landing a role on the short-lived CBS TV show Love Monkey that brought Geiger to the public eye in a big way. For the series, Geiger played a musician, which gave him an opportunity to showcase his John Mayer-like acoustic guitar and melodic piano tunes.

Love Monkey was canceled after only a few episodes, but the exposure helped Geiger gain attention and launch his 2006 debut album, Underage Thinking. The record entered the Billboard Top 200 at number eight, and it enjoyed critical acclaim. Geiger's second album will be released this fall, and it involves a rather innovative approach in which fans get to determine its content. He's got 33 songs posted on his website where listeners can vote for their favorites. The most popular 11 tracks will be chosen for the record.

"The songs are all kind of different [in terms of subject matter], but they're all kind of me going out and discovering the world and, kind of, my conflicts with what I want to do with myself as a person," he says.

Thirty-three songs may seem like a lot of tracks to choose from for a record, but it's not. Geiger, who's been composing songs since age 10, has developed a vast collection of could-be tunes, and he writes music every day. "I went out on the road, and my style and the way I write changed a lot since that first album. I picked 33 songs that best incorporate the way Underage Thinking felt and the things I'm trying to do now. There's a good balance of both in there. I'm trying to build a bridge to where I am now. I'm looking forward to seeing what [fans] pick for my album. I'm excited."

Coincidentally, Geiger is currently on a 33-date tour. And just when you thought Lil Mama had the lip-gloss promotional market cornered, Geiger is hitting the road on his TG33 4U tour, sponsored by CoverGirl. Fans who bring their Wetslicks Amazement flavor lip-gloss to the show get the chance to meet Geiger.

Just as the TG33 4U tour ends this August, Geiger will have his big-screen debut in The Rocker, a comedy starring Christina Applegate, Rainn Wilson, and Emma Stone. Geiger stars as the lead singer in the film. Although acting is part of his résumé, he sees it more as a side project. "I've been going in for parts here and there. It's kind of tough because there is so much touring going on. I put music first."

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Monica Cady