2012 Summer Olympic Madness: A 1950s Anglophile Soundtrack for the Summer Games

Don't bother mentioning a lack of love for the Olympics at work. It merely will cause an ugly brouhaha at your day job. Guaranteed, all of your coworkers simply go gaga for this thing and will take a particular offense to your lackadaisical, non-giving of a fuck for this organized sports extravaganza.

Watching football (AKA soccer) is one thing, but the rest of the whole Olympics thing is another. It's easy to recognize the discipline and hard work that these athletes subject themselves to in order to compete at the international level, but it's just not for everyone.

If you happen to question the awesomeness of these sports games in front of your colleagues, try to atone for your sins and clear the air in the office, with this celebration of the 2012 Summer Olympics with some UK chart toppers.

This might not be the most chronological and fully-encompassing list out there, but it serves as a nice overview of British music and musicians. On today's list, we'll start with some hits from the 1950s.

10. The Stargazers - "Broken Wings"

Here's a nice vocal group that enjoyed popular success throughout the '50s. You might find the affirmation of a bird's inability to fly with broken wings a little unsettling.

9. David Whitfield - "Answer Me"

Hmm... We're confused here. Is


making demands of the Lord? Gotta admire his nerve. She probably left you because you fucked up, dude. Happens to all of us. Maybe we'll start blaming religion for a nonexistent sex life.

8. Vera Lynn - "My Son, My Son"
Dame Vera Lynn

was a well-known entertainer for the British Armed Forces during World War II. We can only imagine how some of those servicemen felt in 1954 when this hit dropped. Mommy issues? Anyone?

7. Eddie Calvert - "Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White"
Eddie Calvert's

cover of "

Cerisier Rose et Pommier Blanc

" brought a little mambo to the Brits, who were likely the hep cats this track implies and not stuffy bowler hat-wearing Bradford & Bingley banker types.

6. Jimmy Young - "The Man From Laramie"

DJ, musician, general jack-of-all-trades, Jimmy Young scored big in 1955 with this number one as well as with "Unchained Melody." Yup, ten years before the Righteous Brothers made it a household tune. We like a Brit doing the CW thing.

5. Winifred Atwell - The Poor People of Paris"

This diva born in Trinidad was an extremely popular pianist in her time and beloved by the subjects of the crown. She was also the first black person to chart in the UK with 1954's "Let's Have Another Party." Get your ragtime on, girl!

4. Lord Rockingham's XI - "Hoots Mon"

This is the weird

British version

of Booker T. & the MG's on acid and steroids and with a heavy dose of Scottish slang. Regardless of which, this shit is awesome to blast loudly at any party.

3. Cliff Richard & the Drifters - "Living Doll"

I've always had a soft spot for this track (especially when performed live with the cast of the Young Ones), and while the Drifters eventually became the Shadows, this song proves that

Cliff Richard

invented the concept of hyper-real

sex dummies

way back in 1959.

2. Adam Faith - "What Do You Want?"

Adam Faith wants to know: What do you want? And it better be giving him your money so that he can invest it. And then lose it. That's right baby. That's what you want.

1. Lonnie Donegan - "Puttin' on the Style"


Lonnie Donegan

can't be fooled. He knows you're just puttin' on the style. You gotta wake up


early in the morning to put one past this Scot. Just saying.

London 2012 Olympics take place from July 27 to August 12. 

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