2012 Summer Olympic Madness: A 1950s Anglophile Soundtrack for the Summer Games

Don't bother mentioning a lack of love for the Olympics at work. It merely will cause an ugly brouhaha at your day job. Guaranteed, all of your coworkers simply go gaga for this thing and will take a particular offense to your lackadaisical, non-giving of a fuck for this organized sports extravaganza.

Watching football (AKA soccer) is one thing, but the rest of the whole Olympics thing is another. It's easy to recognize the discipline and hard work that these athletes subject themselves to in order to compete at the international level, but it's just not for everyone.

If you happen to question the awesomeness of these sports games in front of your colleagues, try to atone for your sins and clear the air in the office, with this celebration of the 2012 Summer Olympics with some UK chart toppers.

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Abel Folgar