3 Pill Morning's Jeff Stebbins Talks Touring and Loving Life -- Performing at Speakeasy Lounge Tonight

3 Pill Morning's singer Jeff Stebbins summed up what the band is feeling right now, "We're loving life and excited for all of

our fans to hear the new stuff and hit one of our shows." They certainly are busy, and why not love life? It's looking good. The band is putting out its label debut, Black Tie Love Affair, on July 14 and its first single, "Rain," was just released. To fulfill Stebbins' request, you can see 3 Pill Morning perform live with Smile Empty Soul tonight at Speakeasy Lounge. Next the band is on tour with Sevendust.

This Minneapolis rock band has been together for about a decade, spending much of its time on tour. Having been together so long, we wondered if the guys have ended up best friends. "When you're on tour nonstop like we are, you have to be," Stebbins says. "It's an

intense place, and you need to build that friendship to make it work."

But it's not all a love fest all the time.

"When we're home, we definitely get some time away from each other," he says, "but

when it's time to hit the road again, it's like we never skipped a

beat." They all share interests in playing sports and working out and "trying to not let the

road kill us," Stebbins says. They get through it with a sense of humor and a lot of laughter.   

Their name references the things we do or consume to keep sane-ish, the drugs we take, stuff like that. As far as the band is concerned, its rituals are rather innocent. "We've all got an energy-drink addiction that definitely gets things rolling," he says. "We listen to a lot of music and battle it out in Words With Friends." All very rock 'n' roll lite, unlike their sound. 

Though the band spends time in Nashville, the members don't admit to being country music fans. Everything else goes but country. Minneapolis is their home base, though. Of the Minnesotan town, Stebbins says: "Minneapolis has a lot of bands and a loyal and dedicated set of music fans. Any given night, you can see a lot of different genres of acts throughout the city." They've been lucky enough to play with many of their favorite acts, but they wouldn't say no to tours with Seether, Shinedown, Bush, or Three Days Grace -- so, you know, Gavin, give Jeff a call. 

3 Pill Morning, with Smile Empty Soul. 8 p.m. Thursday, June 7, at Speakeasy Lounge, 129 N. Federal Highway, Lake Worth. Tickets cost $12. 

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