305 Fest Promises Three Days of D.I.Y. Punk Rock Fun

​Aha! Those crazy punk rock kids are at it again! The combined forces of Churchill's Pub and The Firefly join again to serve up another dumpster-dived weekend of sheer musical terror and delight known as 305 Fest.

It's a complete and total celebration of all things punk and D.I.Y. about our beloved South Florida, with much welcome assistance from a diverse ring of touring acts. Revel in the delights offered by contemporary luminaries of the local scene like Mehkago NT, Consular, Sloane Peterson, The Panix and Animals of the Arctic. Submit to the Español stylings of the punquis Eztorbo Social, Guerrilleros de Nadie and Los Bastardos Magnificos. Fall prey to the trappings of Gorilla Pussy, Copface, Dead Dog, God's Dick and Nazi Dust. Bring the kids! Get the affordable $25 weekend pass! Ride a bike! Enjoy the vegan food, beach party and breakfast! Wear jean-shorts and a sleeveless Nausea t-shirt! Panhandle for beer money! Oh no, wait, nobody likes that! Check out some stuff we blatantly took from YouTube after the jump.

305 Fest kicks off at Churchill's, 5501 NE 2nd Ave on Friday, May 7th at 7 pm, continues at The Firefly, 219 NE 20th Street on Saturday, May 8th at 10 am before closing on Sunday, May 9th at 5 pm at Churchill's. Admission is $25 for a weekend pass or $10 for Friday and Sunday and $15 for all-day Saturday. Visit, and consult for the band line-up.

Mehkago NT

Guerrilleros de Nadie

Sloane Peterson

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Abel Folgar