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305 Live: Local Hip-Hop News from P.M., Poe Boy, Ghostwridah, the C-9 family and more

Photo by David "Dro" Rosario
-- Miami's P.M. (pictured on the right) is part of group Black R.E.I.G.N. with Tommy Trouble. Well, they've been tapped to be part of Live Nation & Lourdes68's Raekwon Tour, which hits a couple cities in the U.S. this Summer. The Miami date was slated for April 16th, however, it has since been canceled. Other stops in Texas and beyond are currently still in the process of being organized. You can also catch P.M. with a cameo at the beginning of U.K. artist Nathan's video for "Caught Me Slippin". [VH1]

-- Poe Boy Music Group is going to have a busy summer it seems. While Brisco's Street Medicine album was supposed to come out on April 20th, it seems things have switched gears and will now come out in the summer - along with albums by Flo-Rida (The Only One) and Billy Blue (Story Of My Life). And again, while Brisco's album seems to have gotten another delay (most likely to let his new single with Lil Wayne get some buzz), he will release a new mixtape on April 20th called 4/20: OG Kush. [Papa Smirf]

-- -- Ghostwridah has been working hard as of late. Fresh from his trip to SXSW, where he performed at Last Rights Clothing's House Fire events, Ghost just did an interview for's Breeding Ground section. A short feature that goes into some of Ghostwridah's influences, his brother, his career highlights and even a little into the art of "ghostwriting" for some of your favorite known-rappers. [Allhiphop]

-- -- The C-9 family got together this past weekend for a photo shoot involving local photographer and videographer UnkleLuc. With various projects upcoming from C-9 artists J. Nic$, Phresh James, Lil' Champ and even a compilation of some sort - they are definitely one of the leaders in the forefront of "The New Miami" sound as its being dubbed. Well, during some off time towards the end of their shoot, they got a little impromptu freestyle session going and UnkleLuc was their to film it all. [UnkleLuc]

-- -- Quick Song links: A CD-quality edit of an unreleased Pitbull and Trick Daddy collaboration surfaces. Said to be a Rebelution reject that didn't make the album due to sample clearances. Go to Y2KDaily to hear it. And Artofficial drops off another teaser record from their Payback project that drops on April 23rd. This one is called "Voodoo". Kevin Nottingham has that one.

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David "Dro" Rosario