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420 Fest-Ovis, at Jazid, This...um...Tuesday? Wait. What?

​420 is just around the corner, and with that most hallowed of modern holidays looming literally right before us, stoners across Dade county--nay, across the world--are no doubt asking themselves one poignant question: what did I come in here for again? Pothead humor aside (no, there'll be more), 420, or April 20 for those scratching their heads, is a wonderful holiday, invented either by teens in the 70's designating 4:20pm the time to smoke weed after school, or perhaps by Hallmark to drum up business for their 100% Hemp-made line. Whatever the reason, modern cannabis culture has adopted it as the national day to appreciate marijuana in the appropriate manner--smoking it, like most burnouts do pretty much every other day. Or, if they're feeling industrious, cooking it into brownies, cookies and cupcakes.

In any event, if you're among the more social variety of those partaking of reefer madness, or just someone wanting to check out some really good music at a party catering to those partaking of reefer madness, do head to Jazid tomorrow night. They will not allow you to smoke your chronic indoors (that we know of, anyway). But you can always hotbox on the way there. Contributing to the killer live tunage downstairs, the extreme psychadelic-acoustic emanations of Jared Cole, The Busker Alliance, The People Upstairs (who, we've already stated will actually be downstairs, but offer a kick ass reggae-funk hybrid anyhow), and many more, including Boxwood. If you haven't caught Jose Ferrer's one-man act around town yet, you're in for a real treat. He's got tremendous talent, and he can thread together a tune on his own like it's nobody's damn business. I'd go just to catch him...if I can remember where I left my keys.

Upstairs will feature--no, damnit, for the last time, not The People Upstairs--but DJs and VJs. And lots of 'em, including VJ Tom Laroc, DJ Immortal and DJ Felix Sama, who if we're to understand the flyer, has given up slammin'. Free munchies and goodies and $1 drafts are just more enticement from the good people at Toker Productions. Happy 420, and happy 6th Annual 420 Fest-ovis, Toker P. Oh, and take a shower, ya' damn hippies!

Head here for more info. Or was it here?

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Christopher Lopez