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5 Celebrities You Forgot Were on Boy Meets World

Everybody's favorite Ben Savage show Boy Meets World is coming back to the boob tube, sorta. 

With the recent announcement of a BMW sequel, TGIF viewers everywhere are rejoicing in Topanga Lawrence euphoria. A pilot for Girl Meets World, featuring original cast members Savage and Danielle Fishel, will officially be hitting the small screen eventually. 

Cory and Shawn may have modeled the original bro-mance, but the show was also chock-full of people that went on to become really actually famous in other ways. Take a look at the top five musicians and actors you forgot were on Boy Meets World, and welcome nostalgia.

5.  Blake Sennett 
Blake Sennett and fellow future

celebrity Ethan Suplee played Harley's proud lackeys. Blake, who also

had a role in the Nickelodeon classic Salute Your Shorts, played Joey

"The Rat," a dimwitted character with a loud mouth and wannabe tough


He went on to be the lead guitarist for indie darlings Rilo

Kiley, a band that was beloved for their charming and catchy songs

until their unfortunate breakup in 2011. Since then, Blake formed the

Elected and continues to play music. 

Oh, also he dated Winona

Ryder... We're sure he stole her heart. Get it? (Cause she's a thief!)

4.  Marguerite Moreau

we aren't quite sure how to pronounce her name, we do know that

Marguerite Moreau is a badass. Ironically, this now seasoned character

actor got her first break on Ben Savage's big bro's show, The Wonder

Years. Moreau hasn't had any need to look back since The Mighty Ducks launched her

into the spotlight. On BMW, she played one of Eric's many sexual


Moreau has continued with small roles in big shows like Lost, Mad Men, and Shameless, plus countless other random slutty

characters. Our favorite? Her role alongside Paul Rudd in the camp

cult classic Wet Hot American Summer.

3.  Michael McKean
Fun fact: Topanga's dad was played by three different actors! Yes, three! Talk

about daddy issues. But indeed the most notable is, our hero, Michael McKean, the

great David St. Hubbins himself. Along with his real life wife Annette

O' Toole, the couple appeared in only one episode, so no, these don't go

to 11.

2. Kerri Russell

her second role ever, the future Felicity had the esteemed honor of

playing Mr. Feeny's niece.  Eric with his horndog ways, uses his sister

as a ploy to take Russell out on an fancy date to the carnival. Thank

you Kerri Russell, for your humility, but mostly for your hair.

1. Adam Scott

Adam Scott tops our list. As bad boy Griff Hawkins, Scott stole

Harley's lackeys in a particularly riveting performance. The funny man

has since moved on to some actually amazing roles, proving his stint on

BMW back in 1995 was merely a stepping stone. Whether he's singing

"Sweet Child O'Mine" in Step Brothers, or making us all swoon as Ben

Wyatt on Parks and Recreation, we salute you, Adam Scott, for proving

that meager beginnings don't mean shit.

Bring it on Girl Meets World! We will be shouting "Fa fa fa Feenyyyy" in every bar until then.

The show will air on the Disney Channel at some point in the future. 

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Dana Krangel