5 Musicians, Other Than Morrissey, Who Might Have Food Restrictions at Their Concerts

There are several surprising facets to Morrissey's concert tonight at Los Angeles' Staples Center.

The first is that Morrissey is able to play a venue as large as the arena that houses the LA Lakers basketball team. The second is that Morrissey requested that all the vendors at the arena only sell 100% vegetarian food. The third is that the venue actually listened to him and is following his orders. McDonald's will be closed down, and a portion of all proceeds will go toward PETA. When Paul McCartney made a similar request years earlier, he had been turned down, but, then again, McCartney never made a case as strongly for vegetarianism as when Morrissey sang with The Smiths Meat Is Murder.

For years, bands have made strange requests for their dressing rooms, but this is the first known case of a dietary request for the entire venue. In the press release, the Moz said, "I don't look upon it as a victory for me, but a victory for the animals." Hearing of Morrissey's (and the surviving animal's) success, we wondered what other musical acts might impose dietary restrictions on their audience.  

5. Musical Act

: Rush

Dietary Restriction: Only sausages being served on premises.

Press Release: Singer Geddy Lee proclaims, "After years of looking out

at our audience and seeing a ratio of men to women that approximated

20:1 or 30:1 we decided to celebrate our fans with an honest to goodness

sausage party. We will offer canned Vienna sausages, little cocktail

wienies, and massive bratwursts!"

4. Musical Act: Lil' Wayne

Dietary Restriction: No fish being served on premises.

Press Conference: Rapper Lil' Wayne announces, "When I heard eating fish

is good for the brain, I said f-ck the brain, f-ck the fish, and f-ck the

Miami Heat. In fact, I f-cked Chris Bosh's fish!"

3. Musical Act: Beyonce

Dietary Restriction: No genetically modified food on premises.

Press Release: Beyonce Knowles says, "To protest all these vicious

rumors that I did not in fact carry my baby and had a surrogate mother,

we will only offer pure, organic food untouched by scientists of any


2. Musical Act: Bob Dylan

Dietary Restriction: All food picked by workers paid a fair and living wage.

Press Conference: Bob Dylan mumbles, "Vzzzoooo vzzooooo. Vim Vom Boom. Sizoooo. Sizzaaaa. VAhhhhhhh!"

1. Musical Act: Ted Nugent

Dietary Restriction: No vegetables being served on site.

Press Conference: Ted Nugent screams, "I'm tired of this left wing

Morrissey vegetarian bullcrap. At my concerts, we're not going to have

any vegetables. In fact, all our food will only be live animals that if

you want to eat them, you have to kill them with a crossbow, and then gut them


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