5 Musicians to Replace Regis Philbin on Live!

After 40 years in television, Regis Philbin announced that he'll be stepping down from his co-host position at Live! with Regis and Kelly.  A replacement hasn't been named yet, but some names being kicked around are appalling -- "Project Runway's Tim Gunn, comedian Kathy Griffin and walking-dead Larry King are some of the suggested replacements.

Since ABC is still looking for a replacement, and since for the first time ever rock stars are open to whoring out their cool rock-god status for a paycheck (Steven Tyler on American Idol, Bret Michaels on anything that will have him), we submit the following five musicians as Live! co-hosts:

Nelly and Kelly - Just the name alone scores points with me, but Nelly is actually a terrific choice. Nelly is a hip hop artist, clothing designer and actor. The only thing he hasn't done is television.

Big Bonus: He and Kelly would have great chemistry and "Hot in Here" could be the new theme song.

Kelly and Kelly - Kelly Clarkson is the all-American girl. After winning the first season of American Idol, Kelly won the hearts of everyone and, after a brief period of Simon-Cowell-induced floundering (From Justin to Kelly - big mistake), Clarkson proved to be quite the rocker. Her records have sold over 10 million copies. 

Big Bonus: Kelly (Clarkson) seems to have some weight issues. This would make Kelly (Ripa) seem even more slim in comparison.

Ozzy and Kelly - This might seem like a stretch, but it really makes sense. Ozzy Osbourne has been in a hit reality show for many seasons. His wife, Sharon, is a seasoned talk show host who can mentor Ozzy and serve as his translator. Plus, people love Ozzy. He's managed to reinvent himself from a bat-eating Prince of Darkness to everyone's favorite pomeranian-loving dad. 

Big Bonus: You get Ozzy, you get the entire nutty clan including Sharon, Kelly (yup - another Kelly), Jack and the dogs.

Kid Rock and Kelly - So Kid Rock's been slamming Steven Tyler for taking the gig on American Idol, huh?  Smells like someone's jealous......The best thing to do for everyone concerned is to offer Kid Rock his own TV gig so he can let bygones be bygones.

Big Bonus: Well, maybe there's no real bonus for Kelly Ripa here, but Kid Rock loves hin some blondes. Maybe he can finally forget about Pam Anderson and hook up with Kelly. 

Bret and Kelly - The ultimate fame whore meets the hardest working girl in show business in this pair-up. A few years ago someone called Bret Michaels and said television was the way back into the hearts, minds and panties of the American public. Well, Bret took that advice to heart with Rock of Love, The Apprentice, Life as I Know It, Miss Universe and a near-death experience. Bret would jump at the chance and would probably do a great job as co-host.

Big Bonus: Just think of the money the show could save by buying large industrial-sized cans of hair spray for both co-hosts. 


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