5 Points Lounge Opens in Fort Lauderdale with a Promising Outlook for Local Scene

Since the news of Monterey Club's closing flooded the local scene, rumors about the future of the venue's empty space were running rampant. Will they open elsewhere? Would someone new come in? Is a sushi restaurant really going to take that spot?

However, within a month of the closing news, the folks of Kreepy Tiki Tattoos announced their plans for giving the venue a facelift and a new name. On Friday night, 5 Points Lounge opened its restored doors to the Fort Lauderdale nightlife scene. And, oh how restored they are. (View the full slideshow here.)

The time period between the closing of MC and re-opening as 5PL was

almost next to nothing, but to say this venue has been redone is an

understatement. Walking in, you would never have guessed it used to be a

dingy punk rock bar filled with smoke and booze stained couches. 

Sticking with the tiki theme -- which works like a dream -- the interior

has a fresh coat of paint and the ceilings have been raised where a

variety of dimly lit lanterns dangle up above. A well-sized corner bar

adorned in bamboo sits in the back, and a brand new stage is opposite

the front door with a cozy lounge area off to the side. The venue is

dripping with Polynesian charm and nostalgia from the days of Sailor

Jerry, complimenting the style of its neighboring tattoo shop.

As the celebration of 5 Points Lounge kicked off, swarms of rockabilly

enthusiasts, nightlife regulars, and music loves arrived in droves to show the new venue endless amounts of support. Retro cars sat on

display out front, tattooed fellows donned fancy suits and pin up beauties moved through the crowd with their freshly

polished victory roll 'dos and perfected red lips. 

On stage, the adorable duo of Diablo Dimes and Celine Lee swooned the crowd with their sultry bluesy sounds, Everymen took things to the next level with wild performance antics, and the Pine Hill Haints topped off the night like a cherry on a sundae.

From the looks and feel of the packed club with standing room only,

there was no shortage of love flowing within those four walls at the 5

Points Lounge on Friday night -- a trend we're hoping to see continue throughout the upcoming months as more events get planned. 

So, we raise our glasses to 5 Points Lounge and new beginnings in Fort Lauderdale. May this venue's future be brighter than the last. We have a slight suspicion that will be the case.

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Betsey Denberg