5 South Florida Acts We Hope Will Reunite in 2011

When the Pixies got back together in 2004, we didn't care if it was about the money. For many of us, the band we grew up listening to had broken up before we were old enough to even ask our parents for a ride to see them play. Yeah, they looked like the kind of hated each other when they were on stage -- but didn't they always?

Now that it's all the rage to reform -- just ask Soundgarden, Blink-182, Pavement, and countless others -- we are not concerned by the motivation. We'll cry "sell out" all we want, but it's hard to pass up seeing a classic band reunited -- if the price is right. And if the band is based in South Florida, transportation and ticket prices are that much more reasonable. Last year, we dug up ten bands we hoped would get back together, and now here's some more.

Here's the first half of the ten bands -- in this case, five local -- that we are lobbying for a 2011 reunion.

Cavity. If the success of Torche and Floor's reunions has taught us anything, it's that audiences are ready for thunderous, violent, Black Sabbath style rock. We know all it takes for Cavity to reunite is for bassist Dan Gorostiaga to find 3 or 4 more guys and call it "Cavity." We won't know the difference and we'll still enjoy being bludgeoned by the sludge.

Load. We hope Load (these dudes) reunites this year, just to see Bobby Load flailing around dangerously. Note: if they do reunite, we suggest they get a bassist for the whole set, unlike that last reunion in 2007.

Load - Lumberjack Death Luge (Ballad of Son of Crusher) by countygrind

Quit. The inventors of pop-punk and the inventors of "Last Show Ever" and "Final Reunion" are due for another swan song. We wants it.

Chickenhead. We don't need singer Chuck Loose, now the artistic brains behind Iron Forge Press, to light himself on fire or even ride onto the stage on motorcycle. We'll be happy if he starts singing into his Schlitz can because he forgot it wasn't a microphone.

Against All Authority. One minute these guys were going to be bigger than Rancid, the next minute: they were gone. No big announcement, just gone. It would be great if they come back with no big announcement -- they'll just be on the stage at Churchill's, we'll be singing "fuck you" along with them, and we'll all hate the pigs and love the underground sound forever again.

Check back Monday for our five national reunion picks.

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