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8-Track Mind

Cramming a band into the living room at Dada can be like watching clowns pile into a VW bug. With a setup that includes three horn players, a bulbous standup bass, an elaborate drum setup, and a vibraphone, 8-Track Mind provides the sultry soundtrack for dining couples and packs of single ladies and gents slinging back fruity martinis every Friday night. The eclectic mix of Latin, dancehall, reggae, jazz, and funk is a result of the band's mishmash of interests. "It's a fusion of a bunch of different styles, with an alternative spin," drummer Andres Martinez says. "Basically, we cram as much as we can in there." If you keep an eye on the crowd, you can watch couples do that annoying thing where they stick their hands in each others' back pockets and sway to the music. But who doesn't like to engage in a little game of grab-ass? The only thing missing now is the fire-breathing dancers. -- Terra Sullivan

Catch 8-Track Mind throughout the summer at 11 p.m. every Friday at Dada Restaurant Lounge, 52 N. Swinton Ave., Delray Beach. Call 561-330-3232.

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