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9 Best Band T-Shirts to Wear to an Urban Outfitters Interview

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The '80s are still in style right? Oh, no, its the '90s now? God, we're so out of it. Everyone likes Madonna though. She inspired the likes of millennial favorites like Miley Cyrus, Brittney Spears, and Lady Gaga.

This should be a solid choice. But what kind of impression does a man in his thirties wearing a Madonna "Like a Virgin" shirt, give off? Not a pleasant one.

Foster the People

What if we went outside our musical comfort zone and wore something from a band we don't necessarily like all that much, but know that is sort of popular with the kids? Such is the case with this tee from L.A.'s Foster the People.

Will it show that we are all au courant, or is Foster the People a little too mainstream for Urban Outfitters? It's a gamble. We're likely to lose. "Pumped up Kicks" annoys the shit out of us too. This was a bad choice, sorry about that.


Everyone loves Haim. Music critics, college coeds, teenyboppers, and mall rats agree, these three ladies from L.A. are the bee's knees. They deliver snappy, addictive tunes that everyone can dig. It's a safe choice, for sure. But wouldn't Urban Outfitters want someone who is willing to take a fashion risk. We think so.

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