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9 Best Band T-Shirts to Wear to an Urban Outfitters Interview

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EDM is all the rage. How about a tee from a popular button-pusher like Deadmau5?

There's always the off-chance that this assistant manager is a music purist. She may be the type that wears floral dresses and doesn't see any musicianship in dubstep. Or what if she does like dance music, but maybe this shirt reminds her of that bad experience she had at Ultra when she was 16 (just a few years back) when she took some bad Molly and ended up puking and missing "Ghosts N Stuff." We may be over-thinking this.

Tupac Shakur

We did a little research and found that Urban Outfitters actually stocks a Tupac shirt. We could wear this one and show said assistant manager that we "identity with the brand." But honestly, we're not up to snuff on our Tupac verse. What if the child interviewing us is a super fan? Nineties hip-hop is big with the younguns. There's a chance we'll be challenged on our West Coast rap knowledge, crash and burn, and end up looking like a Makaveli-shirt wearing phony.

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