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90 Miles Away: Crazy Hood Film Academy Needs a Little Bit of Your Help

Ever wonder what the underground hip-hop scene is like in Cuba? If you're Cuban-American, first, second, or even third generation, ever wonder why you feel so strongly about the island though you only know it through pictures and abuela's stories?

Lifelong friends DJ EFN and Garcia -- esteemed members of the local hip-hop community since the early '90s -- have wondered just that. They're now trying to find out what's happening just 90 miles away. They, as Crazy Hood Productions, need a little bit of your help to create an upcoming documentary/recording on the state of hip-hop within the political isolation of Cuba today.

That's right, and here I will not pussyfoot about anything fearing an Ozzie Guillen-like backlash, these two dudes just want to connect with their familial roots first, and secondly, see how their art has flourished under the extreme conditions of the Castro regime.

Less than a thousand dollars away from the travel expenses goal, this venture will yield a multifaceted cornucopia of goodies for Crazy Hood upon completion. Besides the documentary, Coming Home, there will be enough recorded musical material from hip-hop groups and individuals on the island for an album's worth of music and an element of gonzo journalism, since this small band of compadres has vowed to roll tape wherever their adventure leads them.

Like Garcia told us, "We don't know what to expect other than having our eyes, ears, minds, and hearts opened."

Knowing how much these guys love hip-hop and the South Florida music scene is credit enough to help their venture out. The Kickstarter donation packages are rather handsome and with fewer than two weeks to go, you might want to jump in on this community effort.

Don't cry like a little bitch come this fall when you feel left out of the fruits of this labor. The time is now, click here to get involved.

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