A Few Good Reasons to Bid the Jacuzzi Boys a European Style Farewell at the Snooze

If you're a fan of music or fun and live in South Florida, you know that the Jacuzzi Boys are setting flight for Europe and leaving us Jacuzzi-less for a few weeks. Once the 26-city tour was announced, we interviewed two Jacuzzis about their fears, desires, and what they're bringing us back from Scotland.

Before they kick off their flip-flops and slap on their berets, the band will be playing two farewell South Florida concerts, one at The Snooze and the other at Churchill's. We think you should go to both, but how about we tell you why the show up in Lake Park will be one you should definitely not miss. Proceed.

Honey Train brings all of the energy that a "freakbeat" band should to the stage. The trio gets all psyched out and spacey on the mic. Call them Thee Oh Sees of SoFLA. Have a beer while you watch them and enjoy the fuzzy feeling you get inside.

Love Handles recording session

Roberto Pagano Sounds | Myspace Music Videos

Love Handles are a Jacuzzi Boys and County Grind favorite. We even gave them the 2011 Best of  Album of the Year for their Faith, Hope & Love Handles. Besides the erotic moniker, Jordan Pettingill and C.J. Jankow know how to make a crowd of boys in chucks swoon.

The Snooze Theatre is all fun, all the time. Well, it's all good music all of the time. You'll really enjoy seeing the JBs outside of Miami and in this cozy Cheers-ian spot.

The final reason is just to see the Jacuzzi Boys. Give them a kiss good-bye, on both cheeks. Get them used to baguettes and cheese by bringing some along, and short airplane flights with the gift of sedatives.

Bon Voyage!

The show takes place on Friday, March 9 from 9:30 to 2 p.m. at the Snooze Theatre (798 10th Street, Lake Park).

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