A Little VJ Set in Honor of this Weekend's 305 Fest

Read interview with 305 Fest organizer and Speedfreek's Roger Forbes 

305 FEST is rapidly gaining status across the land (and in the international underground) as the hallmark festival of all things heavy. With big thanks to the savvy promoters behind Speedfreek productions, this weekend's going down in the history books.

It's reminiscent of long-gone festivals like the Slap-a-Ham fest in California and the Twin Cities hardcore extravaganza that I believe was orchestrated by Profane Existence and Exteme Noise Records.

Not that Florida is short on massive punk rock gatherings, there's still the legendary No Idea gala known simply as "The Fest" which is always a good bet and not too far of a drive, but now... Now we can claim one of our own.

Since I've been loosened on the short leash and we're actually encouraged to share our tastes here, why not post a little appetizer for this weekend's musical mayhem? That's right, it's VJ time!

Iron Lung - "Cancer"
Iron Lung

hail from Seattle and this two-piece, powerfully violent outfit does not want to help you breathe.

Failure Face - "Human Cancer"

All I can say is that Bob Suren is the fucking man and


encyclopedia of Florida punk rock.

Failure Face


Teenage Softies - "Left and Waiting"
The Teenage Softies

are out of Orlando, they bring the cute and most certainly not the mouse.

Shroud Eater - "We Are Beasts"
Shroud Eater

are not beasts per say, but they fucking rule and I love them gals (and dude).

Black Mayonnaise - "Lead Poisoning"
Black Mayonnaise

settles the argument against Miracle Whip once and for all.

Fistula - "Smoke Acid, Shoot Pills"

Cleveland rocks. Thanks to



Floor - "Scimitar"

is one of the reasons why Miami is an awesome place. Floor makes Cuban coffee better.

Torche - "Skin Moth"

And since Floor begat


, here's a live video of a track off their latest full-length,



DropDead - "A Disease Called Man"

loves puppies and kitties, and I am not fucking kidding.

Jacuzzi Boys - "Glazin'"


Jacuzzi Boys

will be providing a pause in the speed and/or a lifting of the heavies and/or be a tax break of sorts for the promoters. Regardless of which, South Florida loves them. We do too. Let's glaze!

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