Kid Liberty still scheduled for tonight at Talent Farm
Kid Liberty still scheduled for tonight at Talent Farm

A Loss for Words Pulls out of Tonight's Show at Talent Farm

As mentioned on the band's Twitter, A Loss For Words will not play at Talent Farm this evening for personal reasons. The band was expected to headline the bill with their punk takes on Motown originals, but all Florida appearances have been canceled.

According to the Talent Farm's site, the remaining acts for the night are still scheduled to play.  Now, the lineup is exclusively some punk groups more likely to roll up their

sleeves and show their tattoos, including the wildly aggro Kid Liberty

as well as Transit, which employs a comparatively polished indie-rock


Kid Liberty, Transit, Fallen From the Sky, Story

of My Life, and Heads Up! 6 p.m. Thursday, June 3, at the Talent Farm,

20911 Johnson St. , Ste. 111, Pembroke Pines. Tickets cost $12. Call

954-438-3488, or click



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