A Real Circus Within the Usual Churchill's Circus This Friday

​I'll be the first to tell you that going to Churchill's for whatever reason is in and of itself a Big Top production filled with interesting characters, bizarre situations, contorting panhandlers, and so on. However, it seems like this Friday there will be a circus within the circus, courtesy of the Dangerfun Troupe. Live music by the likesof Radioboxer, Askultura, Armada!, and others will propel the act, which should include the usual juggling and fire-breathing as well as alcohol-infused surprises. 

I'm guessing that Dave Daniels saw this as an opportunity to make some capital improvements on the joint since outside there will also be a mural painted live by Paul Andras and Avtar Rojas. I wonder if these dudes will do my townhouse too.... Anyways, incidental music will be provided by DJs Nosaj, Russel and Little Haiti's dearest stepson, Frankie Pointless. Think more Circus Maximus than Ringling Bros. for tis event, but I bet that elephant scent will be present somehow. Check out a Radioboxer video after the jump.

Friday, April 23. Churchill's Pub 5501 NE 2nd Ave, Miami. The party starts at 10 p.m., admission is $7; age 18 and up. 305-757-1807; www.churchillspub.com.

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