A-Trak Releases DJ Mehdi Tribute and Dedicates Rapture Remix

The tight-knit DJ community lost a cherished figure when DJ Mehdi tragically passed earlier this month. The reverberations are felt here in South Florida especially among the Winter Music Conference and Ultra devotees, who experienced him numerous satisfying times. In addition to the obvious touch points of the Ed Banger club thuds, Mehdi was a huge J. Dilla fan and created a tribute to the Detroit hip-hop innovator after his untimely passing back in 2006.

Another kinship that existed in Mehdi's life was that with A-Trak, a champion DJ with trophies aplenty and the creativity to work closely with Kanye West on numerous occasions. He penned an extensive eulogy to his departed friend here. "Mehdi helped me get a sense of what was tasteful and what was played out," he writes. "In America you could play pretty much anything at the time and people would jump, but in London for instance you couldn't go to Fabric and play five Daft Punk records. Mehdi was mindful of these sensibilities and I'm thankful I didn't have to go through that crash-course by myself."

With that in mind, here is something A-Trak created with Mehdi in mind earlier this year -- a remix of the Rapture's "How Deep is Your Live."

According to A-Trak, who has the song posted on the DFA Soundcloud page, "Mehdi's favorite part was the ending... This one's for you, Memed." The track appeared earlier this month on his departed friend's Tunisian Summer mix.

Stream and Download: The Rapture "How Deep is Your Love (A-Trak Dub AKA Dub for Mehdi)"

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