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A tribute to Y-100's Jingle Ball

(To the tune of "Jingle Bell Rock"): Ra-di-o, ra-di-o, ra-di-o sucks/They'll play anything/as long as the label's got bucks/Talent has nothing to do with the climb to the top/Oh ra-di-o sucks/They play famous pro-ge-ny/And stars of TV re-al-ity/shows that just won't go away/But that's noth-ing compared to the punk-ies/who just played/the friggin' Macy's Day Par-ade/Oh, Ra-di-o, ra-di-o. ra-di-o sucks/Turn off the volume/or else you'll go nuts/I can't un-der-stand why/they trot out these chumps on-stage/Everyone knows they can't really play/That's why ra-di-o/That's why ra-di-o/That's why ra-di-o sucks!

OK, second verse, same as the first: Y-100's Jingle Ball, starring Enrique Iglesias (pictured), Clay Aiken, Simple Plan, Michelle Branch, and Sean Paul, takes place at 7 p.m. Sunday, December 14, at Office Depot Center, 1 Panthers Pkwy., Sunrise. Call 954-835-8000.

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Tom Bowker