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Abel's Weekday VJ Fun with Discosoma and Roofless Records

This past May 18, I was invited by the hep cats over at Discosoma and Roofless Records to partake in their Singles Night vol. 4 over at Lester's in Wynwood. I am in no way shape or form a DJ, but I do have an extensive love of vinyl records that dates itself back to the late '80s when I was old enough to appreciate their beauty and subtle elegance.

If you've ever been the recipient of one of my cassette mix tapes and/or have had the unfortunate pleasure of teetering over my turntable late at night and aided by Irish whiskey, you'll know that I am a casual purveyor of bleeps and bloops and more snap, crackles, and pops than a bowl of Rice Krispies on PCP.

My sheriffs here have been kind enough to indulge my whims and I present to you here an approximation of my set that night through the miracle o YouTube. Hats off to fellow DJs New Times writer Arielle Castillo, University of Wynwood's P. Scott Cunningham, Matt Preira of Roofless and Jared McKay of Discosoma for overlooking my terrible transitions and indulging my quick eye to the bar that night. These dudes and gal spun some serious magic and I recommend you keep an eye out for them if laptops make you cringe.

01. Booker T. & the M.G.'s - "Heads or Tail"
This one always makes me hungry.

02. Jewel Akens - "Tic Tac Toe"
What a great voice.

03. Charlie Pickett & the Eggs - "If This Is Love"
One of the all-time best to come out of South Florida.

04. Len Barry - "Bullseye"
Right smack in the middle baby. You got me.

05. The Sylvers - "Hotline"
Sometimes you gotta dance it out.

06. Jeannie C. Riley - "Harper Valley PTA"
One of my favorite narrative tunes.

07. The Gants - "Roadrunner"
Get your ACME products in line.

08. Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band - "A Fifth of Beethoven"
A little disco via classical is never too bad, is it? Nah, it ain't.

09. The Pink Lincolns - "Ex-Lion Tamer"
A Wire classic owned by Chris Barrows and friends, the phenomenal Pink Lincolns!!!

10. Olga Guillot - "Pánico"
Don't panic with one of Cuba's finest female vocalists.

11. Dawn - "Candida"
No, not Bernard Shaw but Tony Orlando. Yes, I fucking did.

12. The Stun Guns - "Brand New Year"
One of my favorite punk bands out of the swamp.

13. Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders - "Game of Love"
Let's play it. Shall we?

14. Floor - "Scimitar"
Nothing's better after a little lovin' than some sludge.

15. Elis Regina - "Bala com Bala"
Ahh... one of the sexiest voices to come out of Brazil.

16. The Beltones - "My Old Man"
One of the most heartfelt punk songs ever.

17. ? Mark & the Mysterians - "Midnight Hour"
Everything these guys touch is gold in my book.

18. The Lovin' Spoonful - "My Gal"
I want this song played at my wedding and at my funeral.

19. Slim Harpo - "Baby Scratch My Back"
C'mon baby, scratch my back.

20. Ralph Nielsen & the Chancellors - "Scream"
Perhaps the greatest proto-punk tracks ever. Well, top ten at least.

Thanks for tuning in, please share with your coworkers!

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